Abigail Muncy, b. 1970

Artist Biography


I am a contemporary impressionist painter living in Fairfax, Virginia. Raised in Texas, I loved drawing, painting, and creating with my hands from an early age.  In college I studied studio art and art history, earning a BFA with a concentration in art history from the University of North Texas in 1992. After college, I put aside art to teach elementary school and to raise a family. Around 2013,  I began to pursue my artistic interests again with the goal of becoming a professional painter, taking classes both privately and at the Art League of Virginia. I’ve developed a passion for plein air painting in recent years, and I’ve taken in person workshops and classes with artists such as Anne Blair Brown, Haidee-Jo Summers, Lori Putnam, and Jill Banks. I paint outdoors and in my studio from life and from studies where I apply what I’ve learned from these and others.

Artist statement


I am inspired by the impressionist tradition of painting, especially the work of Morisot, Pissarro, and Sorolla, as well as, their precursors in landscape painting such as Turner and Constable.  I work mostly in oils choosing landscapes and still life vignettes that catch my eye and inspire a particular feeling within me. Regardless of the subject, I am often drawn to opportunities to paint rich neutrals, color and light vibrations, and warm and cool relationships throughout a scene. For landscape painting, my process is generally to paint studies plein air on kraft paper or small panels, and then use those studies to paint larger, more finished pieces in the studio. Much of my current work is based around studies and sketches completed on my recent painting trip to the historic English villages of Staithes and Runswick Bay,  located on the North Yorkshire Coast. My goal with these pieces is to capture the charm and natural beauty I found there, and to inspire the viewer to become more aware of the beauty to be found in their own corner of the world.