The Guerrilla Painter 9x12 Pochade Box: First Look

My new pochade box, a large 9x12 hinged Guerrilla Box from Guerrilla Painter has arrived. Today, I'll share details, first impressions, and where you can buy it. (Some links are affiliate links)

The 9 X12 hinged Guerrilla Painter Guerrilla Box closed and secured with leather straps. You can just see the rubber feet on the left side that allow you to store it sideways.

The hinged front when it's down.

The box is 15”x10”x5” including the knob and fits up to a 9”x12” panel. It came with the little feet and tripod mount already installed and included, which is very nice as smaller models have those items separate. The price at Judson’s Art Outfitter's is $215.99 (marked down from 169). The hinged model is difficult to find other places, but Judson’s is the source for the complete Guerrilla Painter line, as owner Carl Judson is the founder of Guerrilla Painter. Of course, they have many other sizes included my beloved Pocket Box. Many of their products are also available through Blick.

My other Guerrilla pochade box is this 5x7 Pocket Box, their smallest model.

After looking at both models of 9x12, the hinged front on this one was what sealed the deal for me. I was worried that the high front would feel awkward, especially if I use it on a tabletop, although angled on a tripod, the non-hinged model might do just fine and is more widely available. The hinged part is a little stiff so that it can remain up if needed, too.

The palette has a finish on it that would allow for paint mixing right on the wood surface, although I plan to use a glass palette.

The storage compartment. The divider can be moved.

This side view shows the mechanism for the lid which can be adjused to any angle.

The box is bulky compared to many models of pochade boxes out there, but the ample storage space and ability to attach a shoulder strap made me think I could carry most or all of what I need in the box, at least for short trips. The storage space beneath the palette has a clearance of about 2 1/4” with the palette closed and the longest part of the largest storage space is approximately 11 ½”. My shorter Rosemary Pochade Set of brushes will fit comfortably, but not my long-handled ones. I’m considering buying a few more short-handled brushes for the convenience of not always having to bring a brush carrier. I may also look for a mini turp can that would clear the palette for times when I want to travel light.

A leather handle on the side and d-rings if you want to add a shoulder strap.

A nice feature of this model is that it comes with a tripod mount already installed, included in the price.

The box also came with panel clip hardware. Here's what they look like. These allow you to carry up to four wet panels. Screws are not included and I need to install them myself.

I’m very excited to begin using this Pochade box, and I’ll do a follow-up post to show you

the box when it’s loaded up with my stuff and I’ve had some experience in the field. I'm also going to experiment with non-permanent solutions for securing a glass palette. Share in the comments if you have any ideas for me!